The motorcycle battery 6N2A-2C-3, 6 volt, 2 Ah, is a conventional starter battery which delivers reliable starting power for an excellent price. The 6N2A-2C-3 starter battery is dry pre-charged and comes with a separate acid pack and can only be installed in an upright position. This lead-acid 6N2A-2C-3 battery is suitable for almost any vehicle with basic power needs.

Technical specifications
  • Voltage (V) 6
  • Capacity (Ah) 2 (10hr)
  • CCA (A/EN) 10
  • Length (mm) 71
  • Width (mm) 47
  • Height (mm) 105
  • Total Height (mm) 105
  • Layout 17
  • Terminal L

Landport DRY

Landport DRY is suitable for almost any motorcycle or scooter with basic power needs. Best choice for customers who are looking for a cheap, reliable starter battery. Available in a range of 6V and 12V batteries from 2Ah to 30Ah.

  • Conventional battery
  • Robust technology
  • Reliable starting power


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