95502 SMF

Technical specifications
  • Voltage (V) 12
  • Capacity (Ah) 60 (20hr)
  • Length (mm) 242
  • Width (mm) 175
  • Height (mm) 190
  • Total Height (mm) 190
  • Layout 0
  • Terminal 1
  • Base hold down B3

Dynac Semi-Traction

Dynac Semi-Traction is a semi-traction battery which provides energy for onboard energy consumers of motorhomes, caravans and boats or trucks and buses. These onboard energy consumers, such as lighting, refrigerators and onboard computers or tail lifts, demand massive cyclic performance of a battery.

  • Reliable power supply
  • Deep discharges up to 50%
  • Recommended for leisure vehicles with light to medium power consumers


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Arjen Rulens
Arjen Rulens

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