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GP TT Assen

Geplaatst door Marieke Oord (marieke) op Jun 28 2017
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Bringing home an eleventh place after a chaotic first lap

With big steps, Marcel Schrötter fought back lost positions in the Assen race and secured himself five championship points. Once again bad luck for Dynavolt Intact GP rider Sandro Cortese, who was hit by a competitor after only five laps, causing him to crash.
Changing weather conditions prevailed at the TT Circuit Assen on Raceday. Marcel Schrötter proved with a sixth position in warm-up, which took place after a rain shower, that he also feels comfortable and competitive in the wet. He was well prepared for all conditions. Sandro Cortese overcame his horror-crash from Qualifying over night and finished the morning session on board his rebuilt Suter as 14th.
The Moto2 race was started in dry conditions at 2:30 pm as the last of three races at the Dutch TT weekend. The very first lap had a lot in store for Marcel Schrötter. After his rocket-start from row three, he collided with Alex Marquez on the straight. He came into Turn1 in the wrong gear and ran wide. When he re-joined the field in 24th position, he crashed into his teammate Sandro Cortese, losing his fender. In the remaining 23 laps, Marcel managed to set faster lap times than the lead, fighting back all the way into eleventh place. Just before the end of the race, he wasn't able to counter the frantic Italian Francesco Bagnaia, but with a courageous manoeuvre in the last chicane before the finish line, he overtook Suter competitor Dominique Aergerter.
Once again there was no Happy End for Sandro Cortese. The experienced German had to start the race from last on the gird after his horrific crash in Qualifying. After the collision with this Intact GP-colleague, he had a good pace and soon caught up to 21st place, when in turn 9 Axel Pons crashed right into his rear. He fell immediately and had to leave the racetrack empty handed for the third time in a row.
Marcel Schrötter claimed the 13th position in the World Championship ranking before heading to his home race at the Sachsenring next week (30.06 - 02.07.). Sandro Cortese now hopes to make the decisive step out of his misery in front of his home crowd.
2. Thomas LUTHI / SWI / KALEX
--. Sandro CORTESE / GER / SUTER
World Standing
1. MORBIDELLI Franco / ITA / 148
2. LUTHI Thomas / SWI / 136
3. MARQUEZ Alex SPA 113
4. OLIVEIRA Miguel / POR / 94
5. PASINI Mattia / ITA / 82
6. NAKAGAMI Takaaki / JPN / 62
7. BAGNAIA Francesco / ITA / 61
8. AEGERTER Dominique / SWI / 50
9. MARINI Luca / ITA / 41
10. VIERGE Xavi / SPA / 39
11. CORSI Simone / ITA / 39
12. BALDASSARRI Lorenzo / ITA / 37
13. SCHROTTER Marcel / GER / 37
14. SYAHRIN Hafizh / MAL / 37
15. QUARTARARO Fabio / FRA / 28
16. NAVARRO Jorge / SPA / 23
17. BINDER Brad / RSA / 16
18. HERNANDEZ Yonny / COL / 15
19. SIMEON Xavier / BEL / 14
20. PONS Axel / SPA / 13
21. CORTESE Sandro / GER / 10
Marcel Schrötter
I had a pretty good start, if not the best so far. Unfortunately I made a wheelie and wasn't able to steer. In that moment Alex Marquez came from left, whereas before he was on my right side and so we bumped into each other. That was a hard punch and so I couldn't shift gears and stayed in the first gear too long. Many riders slipped through. I simulated a race start in the warm-up lap and planned on entering the first corner in third gear but when I arrived after all these problems, I was a lot slower and still only in second gear. I shifted back, the bike erupted and I slid straight on. I ran wide and found myself off track watching half the field passing by. Coming back on track I touched Sandro because I couldn't see him. I was in 24th or so, anyway there weren't many riders behind me. All this happened in the first two corners.
I pushed to fight back and managed to overtake three riders in the first lap already and the following laps I passed about two riders in each round. I went up pretty quickly; the battles were even better than in Barcelona. It is still very bitter and such a shame because that ruined yet another race for us. I tried to keep the eleventh spot but when the front got faster I also came to a point where I couldn't go any faster, although I have had some pretty good times, if not best times in between. My brake and clutch were deformed so I tried to fix them. The gap got bigger and I simply couldn't keep up and I tried to catch Dominique Aegerter. It was hard manoeuvre. We both ran wide but luckily stayed on the bike but the last chicane is known for that. It paid off for me although I am sorry for him. Still, this was disappointing. With a normal start I am sure I could have stayed with Alex Marquez and Miguel Oliveira in the top 10 and then a good result would have been possible.
Sandro Cortese
While braking into Turn 9, Axel Pons crashed into my back and I was down immediately. Nothing I could have done to avoid it. Until the crash I was in 21st place, in a group that went up to the 16th position and of course my confidence wasn't the biggest after the yesterday's crash. Still, lap by lap I tried to close up. It is just such a shame. I am honestly sorry for my Team, who did a fantastic job rebuilding my bike over night. Having to end the race like that, without the chance of even finishing it, is devastating. I think we've hit the bottom with this end to the weekend.
Patrick Mellauner
It is good that the next race is already the following week because we want to try and do it better. We had a similar situation than Barcelona. Team internally we know, that this result is worth a lot more then the numbers actually show. Today's race was pretty good. We improved the bike and also Marcel, he was much stronger throughout the weekend. The problem was the collision with Alex Marquez at the start of the race, thereby he lost his rhythm. Our mechanics did a fantastic job as well. We work closely with Suter and try to improve the bike. The Sachsenring Circuit has a completely different characteristic, but at the end of the day, we are facing the same issues, no matter where we go. I think together with Marcel we have made some progress this weekend.
Source: www.intactgp.de