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Geplaatst door Bart van Abeelen (babeelen) op Sep 26 2016
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Places ten and thirteen in the Aragon thriller

Jonas Folger finished the Grand Prix of Aragon in place 10 after a thrilling race that was more difficult than expected. Sandro Cortese crossed the finishing line in place 13, which secured him a move up in the World Championship standing.
The expectations for the second last race on European ground in 2016 were set higher for both Intact GP pilots. Jonas Folger who had been part of the Top 4 since training began on Friday and who also finished this mornings warm up in fourth place, understandably had high hopes for a successful round up of the weekend.
On Saturday the 23 year-old secured the fourth place on the starting grid, which had also been his best Qualifying result under dry conditions since Jerez (P2). However, during today’s 21 laps, which had to be finished under slightly cooler temperatures that on Saturday, he found it difficult to keep up with the pace of his competitors. The more the tyres wore down, the more he was facing grip problems. He fell back to place 9 and managed to keep the current world champion Johann Zarco at bay for a while until Zarco overtook him in a short but tense battle. The second half of the race the Intact GP pilot did everything in his power to at least bring home place 10.
As a result Jonas lost two places in the World Championship standing. He now travels to Japan holding place seven in the ranking. Four races before the end of the season the gap to the Top 3 widenes to 29 points, while the advantage to his closest follower Hafizh Syahrin behind is 30 points.
Sandro Cortese, who achieved a promising place seven during Warm Up, also had a head start at the 14. race of the season. He gained three places and came out of the first lap in place 11. However, just shortly after he was held back due to a battle with one of his rivals, which saw both bikes touch and the 26 year-old dropped back. He was not able to hold up with his group of riders, which also included his team mate Jonas. In twelfth position he managed to close the gap of more than two seconds between him and Mattia Pasini in just a few laps, but was unable to overtake the Italian. Meanwhile Xavier Simeon had caught up on the duo and overtook both out of the slipstream just before the finishing line.
The thirteenth’ place at least brought him three points in the world standing and he moved up to place 18. Ten points are to be won in order to make it amongst the Top 15 until the end of the season.
1. Sam LOWES / GBR / Moto2 KALEX
10. Jonas FOLGER / GER / KALEX
13. Sandro CORTESE / GER / KALEX
1. ZARCO Johann / FRA / 202
2. RINS Alex / SPA / 201
3. LOWES Sam / GBR / 162
4. LUTHI Thomas / SWI / 154
5. MORBIDELLI Franco / ITA / 141
6. NAKAGAMI Takaaki / JPN / 135
7. FOLGER Jonas / GER / 133
8. SYAHRIN Hafizh / MAL / 103
9. BALDASSARRI Lorenzo / ITA / 99
10. CORSI Simone / ITA / 74
11. AEGERTER Dominique / SWI / 71
12. MARQUEZ Alex / SPA / 60
13. PASINI Mattia / ITA / 54
14. PONS Axel / SPA / 47
15. SCHROTTER Marcel / GER / 44
16. SALOM Luis / SPA / 37
17. SIMEON Xavier / BEL / 34
18. CORTESE Sandro / GER / 34
19. OLIVEIRA Miguel / POR / 33
20. SIMON Julian / SPA / 32
Jonas Folger
The Start was ok. After four laps the tyres started to wear down and the problems appeared again, which is really frustrating for all of us. I feel like we are going round in circles. As soon as the tyre wears down, I loose balance, am not able to hold a line and experience extreme problems with the grip. From the point when I loose the grip onward, I am unable to go onto the gas and use the speed for the straight line. It was working during the practice sessions. We are usually doing three to six runs. During the length of a race and the longer distance the balance changes, which is normal, but always happens very abrupt for me. I don’t understand how the others are able to open the throttle so early - it feels like 20 metres before I can. We absolutely need to find a solution. There aren’t many races left this season.
Sandro Cortese
I was eleventh after the start, I made up for three places in the first lap and was in the group with Jonas and Lüthi. In the second lap I collided with another rider before the long straight and fell back down to 14th. I had to re-overtake again, but until then, the group was already gone. This morning, we did a great job and could finish the Warm-Up in the top-10. I gave everything to catch Pasini. Then Simeon caught me out of the slipstream shortly before the end of the race. The race outcome could have been much better. It was just disappointing for me.
Jürgen Lingg
After during the Warm-Up session everything was fine and Jonas and Sandro were very quick it is difficult to understand why it didn't work in the race anymore. Jonas was very strong the entire weekend. Therefore we were expecting much more from the race of course. But that's racing and not every weekend can be the same. We now have to analyse the data and then we will try to find solutions tomorrow during the one-day test.
Source: www.intactgp.de