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moto2 team launch

Geplaatst door Bart van Abeelen (babeelen) op Mar 07 2017
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Pure passion for MotoGP and Motorsport attracted more than 500 people to come to Memmingen on Friday evening for the presentation of the 2017 riders pairing and the new bikes of the Dynavolt Intact GP team.
On Friday, 3 March, the team presentation of the Moto2 team was celebrated as a huge spectacle in the facilities of Keckeisen Accumulators. The passion for motorsports and speed was shared by the presenters Edgar Mielke & Alex Hofmann with the more than 500 guests, including many sponsors from the region of the Memmingen racing team.
Then the moment arrived. The Countdown was on, a black curtain was lifted, the smell of racing fuel was in the air and announced the absolute highlight of the evening - Sandro Cortese and new entry Marcel Schrötter riding their 600cc Suter bikes through the crowd to the stage.
Marcel Schrötter
I am very happy and am proud to be part of this professional team. Dynavolt Intact GP is definitely one of the best teams in our paddock. So I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the team leadership for their confidence in me. In the past few months, there was already plenty of opportunity to settle in well in my new environment. I was very warmly welcomed and feel good since the beginning.
Today's team presentation also showed how enthusiastically all parties involved are. I am overwhelmed of the event they organized. It is also my first official team launch since I'm riding in the World Championship - I've never experienced anything like it before.
As a rider in a German team, expectations have risen. This applies not only to my personal goals, but also to the expected performance. I think, however, that after the positive winter tests, we are well prepared for the season and can look forward to the first race. The switch to the new Suter material needs time to adapt of course, but with each test we are progressing well. In principle, however, I had a good feeling from the start with my new racing machine.
Sandro Cortese
It is a very good feeling that the season will finally start. After the first tests I can say that I do not regret it for a second that we have moved to Suter. The team made the decision well thought out. Of course we are still in the beginning and there was something missing to the top, but we still have enough test days to be ready for Doha. After my injury and surgery, I have intensively trained with riding bicycle and swimming to strengthen the leg muscles after the seven weeks I had to walk on crutches.
I am pleased that Marcel is my new teammate. We know each other for a long time, still from our time on pocket bikes. We both come from the region and are similar, which fits very well.
Source: www.intactgp.de