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Geplaatst door Bart van Abeelen (babeelen) op Nov 14 2016
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Emotional farewell from Folger with place eight in Valencia

Jonas Folger finished his last race as part of the Dynavolt Intact GP team in Valencia in place eight and with mixed emotions. For teammate Sandro Cortese a difficult season was finished with a crash.
Another sunny but nerve-wracking day has come to a draw for Jonas Folger at the Spanish Valencia. His main ambition was not to disappoint during his last race in the Moto2 class and with his current team, Dynavolt Intact GP.
The 23 year-old has been part of the World Championship in motorcycling since 2008. The year 2016 saw him compete in the middle category for the third consecutive season. During the last few months with the squad from Memmingen, Jonas was able to secure five podiums and brought home the first victory for the team in Brno. After today's difficult but thrilling final of 27 laps, which was marked by quite a few hard-fought duels and extreme tyre wear, the future MotoGP rider finished in place eight. With 167 points Jonas became seventh in the world championship ranking.
For Sandro Cortese the race was over a lot sooner than expected, due to an early crash. After only four laps the 26 year-old was positioned in eleventh position and only two places behind his team mate, when he lost control over his front wheel and finished the first turn in the gravel. One of his most difficult years in the Moto2 championship has come to a close. Especially the first half of the season was marked by a knee injury and several unfortunate incidents. However, ever since the summer break the German consistently improved his performance and was rewarded with the podium in Australia. In the World Championship ranking Sandro rounds up the Top 15 with a standing of 61 points.
1. Johann ZARCO / FRA / KALEX
2. Thomas LUTHI / SWI / KALEX
1. ZARCO Johann / FRA / 276
2. LUTHI Thomas / SWI / 234
3. RINS Alex / SPA / 214
4. MORBIDELLI Franco / ITA / 213
5. LOWES Sam / GBR / 175
6. NAKAGAMI Takaaki / JPN / 169
7. FOLGER Jonas / GER / 167
8. BALDASSARRI Lorenzo / ITA / 127
9. SYAHRIN Hafizh / MAL / 118
10. CORSI Simone / ITA / 103
11. PASINI Mattia / ITA / 72
12. AEGERTER Dominique / SWI / 71
13. MARQUEZ Alex / SPA / 69
14. SCHROTTER Marcel / GER / 64
15. CORTESE Sandro / GER / 61
16. PONS Axel / SPA / 55
17. SIMEON Xavier / BEL / 46
18. SIMON Julian / SPA / 40
19. SALOM Luis / SPA / 37
20. VIERGE Xavi / SPA / 37
Jonas Folger
It has certainly been an exciting race. I was nervous about it being the last race, as I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. We can be happy with the result, because the tyre really started to wear down in the end. During the last six laps it started to dissolve and in the end the carcass was visible. That was really difficult, however I managed to keep fighting and stay calm. We have had a few let downs and we didn’t always have it easy during the last few months. But we always managed to look ahead and work hard to improve. And we always had a lot of fun together, which is the most important bit. As long as we have all given our 110% , we can be content no matter what the results look like. That’s why I am happy. Mentally it has been a very challenging year for me with great expectations to be met, including the expectations that I had on myself. The season started really well, but then we had a lot of set backs and were struggling especially under dry conditions. Whenever it became difficult in wet or semi-wet conditions we performed. Just under dry conditions we still haven’t found any solution. We were kind of in the dark and didn’t find our way out, but we never gave up. All in all we had a great year together despite the set backs and I really enjoyed myself. I am really grateful towards the Dynavolt Intact GP team and I believe in Patrick (Mellauner) the same way that he believed in me. It’s not easy to say goodbye. We will always have a special connection.
Sandro Cortese
I had a strange crash today. I didn’t do anything different compared to the laps before, I was neither faster nor slower, but pushed a little harder on the gas. This led to a crash coming out of the turn. It is really annoying as I was feeling great at that point in the race. This has been the finish to the most difficult season in my career so far, part of which were my injuries, technical deficits and several crashes. We have had very few highlights this season, which set me back quite a lot. Nevertheless I will start afresh next week, when a new era with Suter will commence. I won’t give up and will come back fighting. I would like to thank my crew and my crew chief Lucio (Nicastro), who taught me a lot. Another shout out goes to my team for believing in me and for wanting to keep working with me. That is the reason I will give my best!
Jürgen Lingg
We have had a very turbulent year, but at the end of the day we brought home six podiums and the first GP victory for our team. From that point of view, we can be very satisfied with the season. It has been a challenging, but it has also been very enjoyable. We already suspected yesterday that the race will be a difficult one for both riders due to the starting positions and we were proven right today. Of course Sandro really pushed as he wanted to get to the front, but unfortunately he tried a bit to hard and lost the front. But that happens and it is not the end of the world. It kind of sums up his season, which hasn’t been easy at all.
Jonas also fought very hard, but from the middle of the race he wasn’t able to push further to the front. When he came into the pit it became clear that he had had problems with his tyre. He actually finished with quite impressive lap times, considering that. It is not easy to say goodbye to Jonas. But we wish him all the best for his new adventure in MotoGP. The new season is about to start next week. It will certainly be exciting with the new material and with Marcel joining us. The test in Valencia will be a good chance for the riders, the bikes and the crew to get to know each other. It will be a first roll out, so that we are able to feedback to Öhlins and SRT (Suter Racing).
Source: www.intactgp.de