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About us

Welcome to Landport Batteries, supplier of dependable batteries. We believe that the best deal you can make is a lifelong relationship, and personal connection is primary. At Landport, we stand for loyalty, reliability, and customer orientation. For over 30 years, we have been delivering batteries that meet the highest safety standards, precisely when you need them.

"The best deal you can make is a lifelong relationship; that's what we believe at Landport."

Marc van der Leij - General Manager

Our specialists are always visible and approachable, taking responsibility for the success of our customers. At Landport, it's all about personal connection and service, especially in a world increasingly focused on products and technology. If there is one word that describes the DNA of Landport, it is ‘availability’. It touches the core function of our role, describes the driving force behind our range, and captures the very personal way we build relationships with our customers and partners.

Over the past 30 years, Landport has learned valuable lessons, developed structures, and built strong relationships. These bonds are so robust that they endure a lifetime and become even more valuable as time goes by. This not only offers perspective but also provides an immense amount of energy that fuels Landport's enthusiasm for the future.

Customers can rely on Landport; after all, we say: The "L" in Landport stands for loyalty. Sustainable relationships are based on honesty and trust; we do what we say. Reliability, predictability, and positive energy are our strengths! We are driven, eager, and keep each other sharp. We work swiftly and purposefully to provide our customers with the best service.


When Landport looks to the future, we envision a world where genuine attention is as commonplace as the availability of products, materials, and technology. Our mission is to offer our customers, partners, and ourselves optimal risk-free security and return certainty. We achieve this by forming sincere, sustainable, and international partnerships.

"Customer orientation" is not just a catchphrase at Landport. It is deeply ingrained in us.

Tim de Zwart - Commercieel directeur

Our Products

Reliable starting power and maximum performance! We offer an extensive range of batteries and chargers for various applications, including motorcycles, scooters, cars, trucks, marine and recreational vehicles, lawnmowers, and mobility scooters. Our broad assortment includes starting batteries, start-stop batteries, semi-traction batteries, deep-cycle batteries, and industrial (VRLA) batteries with various technologies, including calcium-calcium, EFB, AGM, gel, and lithium.

At Landport, innovation remains at the forefront of our energy storage endeavors. With the introduction of Landport Energy, our new business division, we focus on energy storage solutions ranging from homes to wind turbines. Additionally, we have formed a strategic partnership with Toyota & EODev for the distribution of hydrogen generators in the Netherlands.

Discover the innovative products of Landport Energy, including our versatile portable energy storage solution, LPE PORTABLE. It offers flexibility and mobility for various applications. For industrial needs, we offer LPE INDUSTRIAL, advanced energy storage systems that guarantee reliability and efficiency.

For residential and small business needs of up to 150kWh, Landport Energy provides the right products (LPE RESIDENTIAL). Additionally, explore the LPE H2, a (mobile) 100kVA hydrogen generator powered by Toyota.


We serve our customers from our office and central warehouse in the Netherlands. Selling internationally, we supply 1,500,000 batteries annually, thanks to:

  • Short delivery times due to large inventory (5,000 m²)
  • Excellent customer service provided by an international sales team (5 languages)
  • Extensive private label options and support
  • Compliance with REACH and CLP
  • Safety data sheets available in 24 languages
  • Certified member of Aldoc-Topmotive (online parts catalogs)

Curious about the strength of Landport? Feel free to contact us. As a reliable partner, we are here for you, even in challenging times. At Landport, we believe in building long-lasting relationships and providing the best solutions. With our extensive expertise and dedication, we are here to ensure your success.

Louwman Group

LOUWMAN GROUP - "Mobility for Life"

Since 2002, Landport Batteries has been a part of the Louwman Group, a proud and committed family business founded in 1923. Starting small and growing big through entrepreneurship and courage. Not only an importer and retailer, but now also a supplier of healthcare aids, financial services, and developer of innovative mobility solutions. Progress is our most important tradition because mobility is more than just a car, a motorcycle, a wheelchair, or a fleet of leases. It means moving and advancing people.

That's why we want to push boundaries, every day. Be a leader in mobility and be even better tomorrow than today.

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives of Landport and Louwman Group

As part of the Louwman Group, Landport feels responsible for current and future generations. We are deeply connected to society, and our existence is derived from it. We realize that our actions have a direct impact on the community. We want to make a meaningful contribution to the world around us and have a positive impact on everyone we interact with.

Would you like to know what we, along with the Louwman Group, are doing in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility? Discover our initiatives here and learn more about how we contribute to the future.