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Extreme power supply. Deep discharges up to 80%.

Dynac Deep Cycle is suitable for deep cycle applications due to an extreme cyclic stability. The robust character of these batteries makes them resistant to deep discharges up to 80%! Outstanding performance and durability makes Dynac Deep Cycle the ideal choice for industrial applications such as aerial platforms, scissor lifts, forklifts, sweepers, golf carts and traffic support as well as marine and leisure vehicles with medium to high power consumers. Available in a range of 6V/8V/12V batteries up to 360Ah in series Deep Cycle, AGM and Tubular.

  • Extreme power supply
  • Deep discharges up to 80%
  • Extreme cycle stability
  • Recommended for industrial applications and marine and leisure vehicles.
  • Available as deep cycle, AGM or tubular batteries