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Starting power for commercial and heavy-duty vehicles in series HD, SHD, SMF and EFB.

DYNAC Professional is a vast range of batteries for commercial and heavy-duty vehicles including batteries for end-of-frame installation (EURO6) with highest vibration resistance (V3). DYNAC Professional is the ideal choice for modern vehicles with advanced electrical equipment and high power consumption. Available in series HD, SHD, SMF and EFB ranging from 100Ah to 230Ah.


Professional HD is a powerful and reliable starter battery. Its robust design is characterized by a high degree of vibration resistance. Ideal for light commercial and special vehicles (for example the NATO battery for military vehicles) with basic electrical equipment without special requirements in terms of cycling and vibration.

  • Reliable starting power
  • Wide range of batteries
  • For vehicles with basic electrical equipment


Professional SHD is produced with glass fiber separators which offers higher cycling ability. Its design provides enhanced vibration resistance and great endurance and service life. Recommended for commercial and heavy-duty vehicles with standard electrical equipment.

  • Advanced starting power
  • Glass fiber separators > Higher cycling stability
  • Enhanced vibration resistance
  • Advanced endurance and service life
  • Vehicles with standard electrical equipment


Professional SMF is produced with an advanced labyrinth system for recombination of gasses which reduces water loss. Its design provides enhanced safety due to integrated flame arrestors and excellent endurance and service life. Ideal for modern commercial and heavy-duty vehicles with high electrical equipment.

  • Superior starting power
  • Advanced labyrinth system > recombination of gases and reduced water loss
  • Enhanced safety
  • Excellent endurance and service life
  • 100% maintenance free
  • Modern vehicles with high electrical equipment


Professional EFB is designed with improved casted plates fixed with hot melt resin as well as added polyester scrim and glass fleece to the plates. These result in superb vibration resistance (V3) and cyclability. A specially designed acid circulation system is added to reduce stratification to a minimum which is keeping performance high and extends battery life. Mandatory for modern commercial and heavy-duty vehicles with advanced electrical equipment

  • Superior starting power
  • New EFB technology with casted grids construction
  • Highest vibration resistance V3 > Ideal for end-of-frame installation (EURO6)
  • High cycling performance at 50% DOD
  • Added carbon fiber additives for superior charge acceptance
  • 100% maintenance free
  • Reliable energy supply also during extended engine-off periods (hotel function)
  • Modern vehicles with advanced electrical equipment

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