vrla agm accu


Absorbent Glass Mat technology. Completely sealed. Maintenance free. Excellent cycle life.

VRLA AGM is a reliable and safe standby battery which is produced according to AGM technology. This lead-acid battery is completely sealed, maintenance free and has got an excellent cycle life due to its robust construction. VRLA AGM is suitable for a variety of standby applications in various industries including security (alarm systems, fire alarm systems and emergency lighting), backup power / uninterruptible power supply (UPS), medical & healthcare (patient lifts, stairlifts and bath lifts), telecommunication systems, green energy systems (solar panels, wind turbines) and hobby (electric scooters, toys). Available in a range of 6V and 12V batteries from 0.8Ah to 250Ah. Several VRLA AGM batteries are VdS certified which means these batteries meet the high demands in the security industry.