Gel technology. Powerful deep cycle gel batteries for extreme (deep) cycle applications.

The gel batteries from the LPCG Series are specially designed for deep cyclic use. They can be discharged and charged repeatedly and intensively. These LPCG batteries are completely sealed and therefore 100% maintenance free and leak-proof. These batteries have a low self-discharge. The powerful and stable gel batteries offer a long service life (up to 50% more cycles than VRLA AGM).

  • Gel technology
  • Powerful and stable performance
  • Excellent vibration resistance
  • More resistant to deep discharge and higher temperatures
  • Long service life – 50% more cycles than VRLA AGM
  • Completely sealed and 100% maintenance free
  • Very low self-discharge
  • Suitable for extreme (deep) cycle applications

Stay mobile and safe with our powerful electric wheelchair batteries.

Bart van Abeelen - Marketing Manager

care & mobility batteries

The batteries from the LPCG Series are a good choice for the medical & healthcare industry. In the medical & healthcare industry it is important that batteries are reliable and safe to use. Stable and durable batteries are essential, especially when it comes to staying mobile and safe. The LPCG12-100, 12V, 100Ah is such a reliable gel battery which is the perfect choice as an electric wheelchair battery which in daily use is often and deeply discharged.

Other applications

Batteries from the LPCG Series are suitable for a variety of cyclic applications in various industries: medical & healthcare (electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters), floor cleaning machines (sweepers and scrubbers), aerial work platforms, scissor lifts, forklifts, golf carts and utility vehicles, marine and recreational vehicles (motorhomes, caravans and boats). Available in a range of 12V batteries from 30Ah to 200Ah.