Jan. 3, 2019
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Landport Batteries is a certified member of the TOPMOTIVE Datapool. This means we are part of one of the most important platforms for standardized catalog data and parts information worldwide.

Aldoc-Topmotive offers automotive parts catalogs for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg and motorcycle parts catalogs in Europe. These online parts catalogs show parts-information and are offered to wholesalers and their repair shops.

For users

In the Aldoc-Topmotive catalogs we have added and linked all our automotive and motorcycle batteries to the available cars, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles. Users can easily search vehicles by selecting a vehicle (brand / model / type) or by entering a license plate. The search results show which related batteries we have to offer you.

For non-users

If you do not use Aldoc-Topmotive, don’t worry. You can still search for car batteries on our own website in the products section. Simply select a vehicle or fill in a license plate (the Netherlands only). The search results are the same as the results in Aldoc-Topmotive. So, if you are searching for the right battery for any automotive or motorcycle vehicle, we will help you find it!