Duracell Professional EFB

May 31, 2019
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Superior starting power and reliable energy supply for long-distance trucks.

Professional EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) is the most powerful and reliable starting battery available. This battery has been specially designed to provide maximum energy for the increased number of comfort functions in long-distance trucks. Professional EFB is 100% maintenance-free and offers extreme cyclic stability and superior vibration resistance (V3) due to its extremely robust construction. Ideal for end-of-frame installation. Best choice for modern commercial and heavy-duty vehicles with advanced electrical equipment. Available as BDP 240 EFB.

  • Superior starting power
  • Maximum energy supply for increased comfort functions
  • Superior vibration resistance V3 (ideal for end-of- frame installation)
  • Extreme cycling stability
  • Maximum service life
  • 100% maintenance free