The impact of new regulations on choosing your batteries

Oct. 15, 2020
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New European regulations* on sulphuric acid, effective from February 1st 2021, forbids the sale of sulphuric acid to end-users, and should avoid the usage of battery acid for any other purpose than filling up a battery. We understand that this new regulations could have some challenges in choosing your range of powersports batteries for new seasons to come.

On the one hand, we see customers shifting their range more and more from DRY and AGM batteries with (fitting) acid-packs to sealed SLA or GEL batteries. The advantage of these batteries is that they are already factory activated (filled and charged) and therefore ready to use. No acid handling needed.

On the other hand, we see customers keeping their range as it is. These customers find ways to fill up DRY and AGM batteries with acid on site, making sure a battery in perfect condition is being delivered to the end-user. These customers service the end-users and still are able to sell batteries with (fitting) acid-packs.

Whatever option you choose, we will support your choice and provide you with the requested types of batteries. Whether it is DRY, AGM, SLA, GEL or Lithium, we continue to supply you with our full range of powersport batteries, to be at your service.

* Regulation (EU) 2019/1148 of the European Parliament