New! Merchandise from LP Batteries and Dynac

July 2, 2020
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Available now, our new merchandise from the brands LP Batteries and Dynac.

There are nice items available, from real eyecatchers to informative documents that support the sale. For the sales stimulation of our brands, we offer the opportunity to use these merchandise items. With these items you can organize your sales location and that of your customers. There are also nice products that you can use during promotional periods and / or exhibition participation, when this is possible again. You can discuss the options with your account manager.

When putting together and having our new merchandise items designed, we mainly looked at what you would like to have available. In addition to the new merchandise items, we are working hard to offer flyers, leaflets and product magazines online for not only brands such as LP Batteries, Dynac and Landport Batteries. An enormous step has already been made in this regard. For each product, a download component has been created where the available documents can be found. Here you will find, among other things, the instruction manual, data sheet, and flyer.

Curious about the new merchandise items? View them below!

Merchandise LP Batteries

Merchandise Dynac