Start-stop specialist. 2-3x durability and cycle-resistance. Superior vibration resistance. Spillproof.

Duracell Extreme is the start-stop specialist with EFB or AGM technology. This battery is built for use in environmentally friendly cars which incorporate a stop-start function. EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) is mainly used in small and medium cars and light commercial vehicles that only have basic start-stop features. AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) is primarily used in medium and executive/luxury vehicles where more complex stop-start functions together with brake energy recuperation are standard. Duracell Extreme meets the demands of leading car manufacturers and are the best choice for fuel efficient cars. Available in a range of 12V batteries from 60Ah to 92Ah.

Features & Benefits | EFB
  • Cycle-resistant starter battery
  • Twice the cycle resistance compared to standard batteries
  • Nonwoven cover on the separator and special active mass composition
  • Double lid cover for maximum leak protection and operational safety
  • Top V3 vibration resistance rating pursuant to EN 50342-1
  • Modern calcium technology – zero maintenance

Features & Benefits | AGM
  • Valve-regulated nonwoven glass mat battery (VRLA)
  • Three times greater cycle resistance than standard batteries
  • Leak-proof due to electrolyte bonding into a glass nonwoven (absorbent glass mat)
  • Zero maintenance owing to recombination technology
  • Very low internal resistance – maximum starting power
  • Installation in a lateral position possible (max. 90° angle)

Always replace the original battery with a new battery of the same technology.

Jacquin Bachet - Technical Support


Please always check which battery was originally fitted in the vehicle of your customer! Specifically for modern cars with start-stop function, for the system to function well, it is important to install the right battery type. If an AGM battery was originally placed by the factory, you can only replace it with another AGM battery. The same applies for EFB technology. A conventional starter battery simply won’t do the job.