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Starting power for commercial and heavy-duty vehicles in series SHD and EFB.

Duracell Professional is a line of starter batteries for commercial and heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, buses, agricultural vehicles and construction vehicles. Available in a range of 12V batteries from 180Ah to 240Ah in series SHD and EFB.

Professional SHD

Professional SHD (Super Heavy Duty) is a powerful and reliable starter battery. This battery is characterized by an excellent starting capacity, extreme cycle resistance and offers an excellent vibration resistance. The 4-chamber leak protection feature ensures no leakage of acid if the battery is exposed to vibration, maximum safety once installed via the central venting system and an integral flame arrestor to protect against external ignition. Professional SHD starts every commercial and heavy-duty vehicle every day and under all circumstances.

  • Advanced starting power
  • Advanced vibration resistance
  • Excellent cycling stability
  • Extended service life
  • 100% maintenance free
  • Improved safety and leak-protection

Professional EFB

Professional EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) is the most powerful and reliable starting battery available. This battery has been specially designed to provide maximum energy for the increased number of comfort functions in long-distance trucks. Professional EFB is 100% maintenance-free and offers extreme cyclic stability and superior vibration resistance (V3) due to its extremely robust construction. Ideal for end-of-frame installation. Best choice for modern commercial and heavy-duty vehicles with advanced electrical equipment.

  • Superior starting power
  • Maximum energy supply for increased comfort functions
  • Superior vibration resistance V3 (ideal for end-of- frame installation)
  • Extreme cycling stability
  • Maximum service life
  • 100% maintenance free


Duracell Automotive - Technical Support

please note!

When exchanging the battery, a vehicle fitted with an EFB battery may never be retrofitted with a conventional wet battery. Should battery replacement become necessary, always use an EFB battery with identical box and performance.