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Super heavy duty. Maximum vibration resistance & durability. Superior safety & leak protection.

For the hardest demands! In order to perform daily in trucks, buses, agricultural and construction machinery, batteries have to be made out of something special. Duracell Professional will reliably start every engine in all conditions, together with providing sufficient energy to the onboard vehicle systems. The complete construction is based on absolute robustness and is extremely vibration resistant. Install Duracell Professional and the vehicle will reach its destination! Duracell Professional is available as 180Ah and 225Ah super heavy duty battery.

Features & Benefits
  • EN 50342-1 rating E4/V3: Super Heavy Duty extra cycle and vibration resistant
  • Maintenance-free: hybrid technology ensures minimum water consumption
  • Superior safety: central degassing, external ignition protection, safety plugs
  • Improved leak protection due to 4-chamber flat lid with an integral flame arrester
  • 2 batteries of 180Ah and 225Ah