scooter accu agm


Sealed AGM battery. Dry-charged, acid pack included. Maintenance free after initial filling.

Cost-effective all-rounder. Withstands the charge cycles slightly better than conventional flooded batteries during seasonal use and over many short distances, and also starts reliably when not fully charged.

Thanks to the Absorbent Glass Mat technology, in which the acid is bound into mat of fibres, these batteries are completely maintenance-free, i.e. once the battery has been filled for the first time, it doesn’t have to be opened again. It is less sensitive to vibration than the classic battery, brings a higher degree of safety and is ideal for vehicles used all-year-round. AGM batteries are dry pre-charged a delivered with a special acid pack, as a result of which they can be stored almost indefinitely.

  • High power reserve. Significant start-up power when partially discharged
  • Shake-proof. The plates are firmly embedded in the glass fibre mat
  • Maintenance-free after initial filling. Refilling is then no longer possible and not necessary, because the firmly sealed battery loses virtually no liquid due to gas recombination
  • Leak-proof. Mountable in tilted position (45°). Acid held in glass fibre separators
BENEFITS as a dealer
  • The affordable all-rounder for many applications
  • Can be stored for several years, as it is dry-charged
  • Acid pack is included