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Flooded lead-acid battery. Dry-charged, acid pack included.

Powerful and sustainable. A solid battery with no frills that delivers high start power, achieves a long service life with regular maintenance and has excellent recycling properties.

The classic lead-acid battery is suitable for almost any motorcycle or scooter and is the best choice when your customer wants a cheap, powerful starter battery and does not want to supply any additional equipment with electricity. You have reliable starting power in 6V and 12V models, coupled with a long service life, adapted to loads in the normal motorcycle range. The classic motorcycle batteries are dry pre-charged and are supplied with an acid pack, i.e. they can be stored almost without restriction before filling.

  • Reliable starting power at an excellent price
  • Replacement recommendation for defective flooded battery
  • Central degassing
  • Only install upright. Non-sealed, flooded battery
BENEFITS as a dealer
  • Can be stored for several years, as it is dry-charged
  • Complete program for all applications
  • Acid pack is included