hvt accu


Sealed maintenance-free AGM battery with heavily compressed plate packs.

Extremely vibration resistant design for difficult terrains and excessive engine vibrations. The durable energy bundle absorbs the strongest shocks from Harleys and other big displacement bikes, and also launches two-wheelers with a high demand for electrical energy (e.g. with ABS).

The lead-acid battery type with fixed electrolyte for anyone whose motorcycle is exposed to particular stress from shocks or vibrations. Designed for the requirements of Harley Davidson motorcycles with large cubic capacity, 2 cylinder V engines, HVT batteries are extremely robust, particularly resistant to vibration and fully leak-proof. They are also suitable for motorcycles with a high demand for electrical energy and special applications such as ABS (e.g. BMW) and use in snow mobiles and jet skis.

  • Perfect for Harley Davidsons and other motorcycles with high capacity 2-cylinder engines.
  • Highest cold cranking amps. For two-wheelers with high power demands, e.g. involving ABS safety technology
  • Extremely vibration-resistant. Plate packs compressed and precisely fitted in the battery box
  • Robust housing made of impact-resistant plastic. For heavy mechanical stress
  • Leak-proof. Mountable in tilted position (90°). Acid held in glass fibre separators
  • Completely maintenance-free. Totally sealed
BENEFITS as a dealer
  • Including for the needs of demanding drivers
  • Niche series for special applications
  • Filled and charged. Can be stored for at least 9 months