lithium accu


Sealed maintenance-free Lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4).

Small top-of-the-range powerhouse with long service life. Perfect for racing, and whenever every gram or centimetre matters. Thanks to balancing, the battery ages more slowly, keeping its full capacity for longer.

Lithium ion technology is the leading battery technology today and is a must for drivers of two-wheel vehicles for whom space and weight play a part, e.g. in motor sport or long off-road trips. This is the perfect battery for all motorcycles fitted or upgraded with a high level of technical equipment, together with jet skis, snow mobiles and ride-on lawnmowers, which have to be ready to use quickly at any time. Thanks to the adapter pads (supplied), you can cover 90% of all standard battery types with 10 different lithium batteries.

  • Long service life thanks to intelligent battery management including balancing
  • Weight savings up to 75% compared with a conventional motorcycle battery
  • Low self-discharge
  • Extremely fast charging
  • Ready to install and ready to use
  • Absolute deep discharge. In contrast to lead-acid batteries almost 100% of their capacity can be used
  • Mountable in upside-down position (180°)
BENEFITS as a dealer
  • With only 9 different types, up to 90% of all common types of batteries can be covered
  • That’s why: very little storage space is required
  • Can be stored for an (almost) unlimited period
  • Premium range for customers looking for the latest technology

Always check if your motorcycle is suitable for a lithium battery.

Jacquin Bachet - Technical Support


Please note that not every motorcycle is suitable for the use of a lithium battery. Before assembling, always check if your motorcycle is suitable. Please pay attention to the following points. The charging voltage of the alternator must be between 14.0 and 15.0V and must not deviate from this. If this is the case, this will lead to irreparable damage to the battery! Check with a multimeter which power consumers your motorcycle has when switched off. Ask your garage what the usual power consumption is. If the actual power consumption deviates from the usual power consumption, then you cannot install a lithium battery. If you still have any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact your dealer or us.