Sealed AGM battery. Filled and charged. Completely maintenance-free.

Ready-to-use all-rounder. Withstands the charge cycles slightly better than conventional flooded batteries during seasonal use and over many short distances, and also starts reliably when not fully charged.

SLA batteries with Absorbent Glass Mat technology, in which the acid is bound into mat of fibres, are factory activated and therefore completely maintenance-free. It is less sensitive to vibration than the classic battery, brings a higher degree of safety and is ideal for vehicles used all-year-round. SLA batteries are filled and charged and ready for immediate use. No acid handling is required which so easy, quick and safe installation.

  • High power reserve. Significant start-up power when partially discharged
  • Shake-proof. The plates are firmly embedded in the glass fibre mat
  • Completely maintenance-free. Totally sealed
  • Leak-proof. Mountable in tilted position (45°). Acid held in glass fibre separators
  • Filled and charged. Ready for immediate use
BENEFITS as a dealer
  • The ready to use all-rounder for many applications
  • Filled and charged. Quick and easy installation
  • Safe installation. Requires no acid handling