Improved SHD and SMF batteries

June 18, 2020
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Series SHD and SMF are recently improved and produced according to the latest ConCast technology in which optimal quality grids are created.

The innovation is that not only the negative grids but also the positive grids are produced with this technology. This innovative method of positive plate production eventually offers premium quality batteries with better cyclic ability and longer life expectancy. The product line is fully automated and there is no waste during the production process.

DYNAC Professional is a vast range of batteries for commercial and heavy-duty vehicles including batteries for end-of-frame installation (EURO6) with highest vibration resistance (V3). DYNAC Professional is the ideal choice for modern vehicles with advanced electrical equipment and high power consumption. Available in series HD, SHD, SMF and EFB ranging from 100Ah to 230Ah.

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