The Dynac Ultra + 30% battery ULTRA 1, 12 volt, 45 Ah, is an automotive starter battery with modern silver-calcium technology that provides maximum starting power. The ULTRA 1 is 100% maintenance free and has an optimized cold start that provides 30% more starting power than a conventional battery.

Technical specifications
  • Voltage (V) 12
  • Capacity (Ah) 45 (20hr)
  • CCA (A/EN) 440
  • Length (mm) 208
  • Width (mm) 174
  • Height (mm) 175
  • Total Height (mm) 175
  • Layout 0
  • Terminal 1
  • Base hold down B3/B4

Dynac Ultra

Silver-calcium technology. Maximum starting power. Superior performance. CCA +30%.


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